Have you ever played phone tag with your clients? Maybe you wanted to discuss an important opportunity, or your client had an important matter on his or her mind.  And perhaps that phone tag included both office phone and cell phone. And when those tools were not effective, your client sent you a text and you replied with an email. Maybe you talked a day or two later...or maybe you never ended up talking at all.


If you have experienced something like this with your clients, maybe you wondered if there was a better way. Our technology is designed to dramatically simplify the way financial advisory firms engage with their clients. And this will help you create better engagement with your clients while running a more efficient practice

Better client engagement. More efficient practice.

Your clients evaluate the quality of your service by the way you engage with them. And when they have an important financial issue on their mind, the only good response time is an immediate one. But that just is not always possible...or so we thought.


The truth is that setting expectations is the key to a "good response time" . But phone, email, voicemail and texts are not good at setting expectations.  Our technology is good at setting expectations...and your clients will appreciate it.


But that is just the start of better engagement and more efficiency.

We are bombarded throughout our waking hours with emails, office phone calls, texts, cell phone calls, voicemails and more. More and more technology is making it harder and harder to keep up. Not to mention the fact that the "24 hour return call rule" is no longer the gold standard. Our technology consolidates and manages client interactions for you, so that you don't spend your days trying to dig out of quicksand.

Many advisory firms struggle with team involvement and team communication. Our technology encourages clients to engage with multiple members of their team by giving clients real time access to the entire team's calendar. And via an SEC-compliant group chat function, all team members are kept informed of important communications with clients. 

We all know that it is better to engage with our clients face-to-face. Video conferencing promised to deliver this higher level of engagement on a more frequent basis. But to realize that promise, video conferencing has to be easy and simple. Our fully integrated video conferencing solution is as easy as making a phone call.